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Gossip Girl Newsletter

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Gossip Girl Fandom Newsletter
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Round-up of Gossip Girl-related news, discussion, fic, vids, art, and more...
GGN is a triweekly newsletter dedicated to bringing you all the dish on the going-ons in the Gossip Girl fandom community. We feature news, resources, commentary, graphics, fanfiction, fanvids, challenges, celebrity gossip, special editions, and more. Fresh editions are published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Click here to watch the community.

Without you, we're nothing! Even Gossip Girl couldn't be everywhere without her eyes and ears. If you've read a great fic, if you've posted a funny picspam, if you've been part of an interesting discussion, if you're starting a community to fangirl Chuck Bass's multicolored turtleneck collection -- we want to know about it! Send us the deets at tips4gossipgirl@gmail.com or comment on the most recent edition of the newsletter.

If you or your community regularly post Gossip Girl content (meta, challenges, picspam, episode reviews, fanfiction, icons, etc.) comment here to be friended by our watcher journal, ggirls_watcher.

The Gossip Girl News del.icio.us is freely accessible to anyone. You can browse the archive via our 500+ tags (by pairing, episode, actor, etc.) or search for what you're looking for. We've bookmarked over 9,000 links so far, including 4,300 fanworks.

  • We do not link to locked content. We will never knowingly link to content that all of our readers do not have access to. This includes posts that are public for a limited amount of time.

  • We do not ask permission to link to posts. If posts or fanworks are public, we make the assumption that the OP will welcome additional traffic. If you would like a link to your work or commentary removed, let us know, and we will do so as promptly as possible.

  • We always try to warn for spoilers, but we cannot guarantee that we'll catch everything. If fics, icons, or posts are not clearly marked as containing spoilers, we might miss them. Stills and location shoot photos from unaired episodes are considered spoilers.

  • Spoilers for new episodes will appear in the newsletter two days after they air in the United States.

  • We link to adult content. As such, this newsletter may not be appropriate for those under the age of 18.

  • We only link to icon posts that contain at least 30 Gossip Girl-related icons. Because so many icons are posted every day, and because so many icon makers do not specify the # of icons in their teasers, it is still very difficult for us to catch all of these posts. E-mailing us/commenting to the newsletter is the only way to guarantee that your icons will be posted.

  • We only monitor fanfiction posted on LJ. We will link to fic posted at LJ clones or forks (i.e. Dreamwidth, InsaneJournal), but we will not link to fic posted on message boards or in archives like FF.N.

  • We cannot track reminders, deadlines, voting, etc. We will monitor and link new challenges, signups, and contests, but it is simply not possible for us to independently keep up with the large volume of reminders, deadlines, extensions, voting, and lists of winners. But if you send us the information directly, we will be happy to advertise it.

  • We will not advertise new challenges/rounds in closed communities, i.e. LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) or invitation-only communities. We will advertise signups, as long as they are open to everyone.

  • This is not a recommendation community. We are an inclusive rather than exclusive resource. Our linking fanworks or commentary is not an endorsement of their contents or quality.

Gossip Girl News was founded by la_folle_allure in December 2007 and runs on a script written by the amazing murklins. Current editors are caitie (News, General), yetanothermask (Fic), lorilann (Icons), elsinorelane (Actors, Challenges), wigbee71583 (Shipping), and shim_shim (Shipping). If you're interested in becoming an editor, click here for info on how to join the team. We could pretty much always use the help, seriously.

E-mail us or comment to the most recent edition of the newsletter to inquire about becoming an affiliate.

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